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Sailing with the Pirates.

Avast ye Scallywags!

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This journal is for:

If ya wanna join my crew, then shoot me a msg!!! Dont be a scallywag, and just do it!

Anything else you want to know.. Just add and ask!

Info about me has been brought to you by:

my pet!

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I love Making Icons!!

Leave a msg if you want to use one of these that I won for your LJ. I will send it to ya.


Nsync Challenge

The Original Nsync Icon Challenges:

Celebrities Icon Community:

The icon:

My Icon help:

My brushes made by folks at 100x100_brushes & brushaddicts Communities.

My gradients made by 77words.

Tutorial help by the awesome icon makers over at icon_tutorial Community

Constantine is *eyefuck* love.

(Wiz & POTC Love banners By: __iiicons)

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